Digestive Health Choices to Combat Disease

There’s a growing awareness that good health happens best when good nutrition choices are attached to attitudes about the emerging digestive health information from the health care fields.

Much of this information focuses on the digestive system’s ability to help, or hinder, overall health.

It’s long been known that what we eat makes a difference in how we feel and how our body functions. But recent advances in understanding how food and medicine overlap are making influential differences in health care approaches. Continue reading

In The Gym With the Resolutionist

Countless resolutions are made each January 1st. Shedding a few pounds tops the list for most people looking for ways to get into shape. Gyms around the world fill with new members fulfilling looking their resolution.

This is an awesome thing! And with the right kind of encouragement, plan, and support, each and every person making the resolution to get fit can and will succeed.

Here’s what you need to succeed Continue reading

Light in the Darkness of Fitness Insanity

When I was a kid I used to catch a glimpse of a show where this guy named Jack Lalane wore skin-tight Leotards and ballet slippers.

I would look on in amazement at this guy, fit, firm, totally into keeping the human body in premo shape.

I also thought the whole thing was weird.

See, this was in the 1960’s, and in the 60’s people didn’t really talk much about fitness.

You had the Olympics, big time wrestling, baseball, football was just coming main stream, and the airwaves were big on cigarettes, beer, bowlers, and curling.

So Jack’s TV exploits, while very cool, seemed weird and lame looking to this 9-year-old kid, and kind of fringe.

But Jack Lalane was a total badass. Continue reading

Is Your Food Bursting with Flavor or Does it Just Taste Good?

You can talk about diet all day long, but if what you’re nourishing your body with daily is bland, boring, and flavorless then you probably won’t be choosing to eat it. And too often the concept of a nutritional “meal” offers up images of complicated recipes that end up tepid and tasteless.

But preparing tempting food doesn’t mean you have to accept this idea. In fact, many culinary nutritionists shun the idea and instead promote appealing, flavorful dishes for a healthy diet.

Protein-goo products like Tofu get lumped into this “bland and healthy” category.

Doesn’t have to be. Continue reading

Pooping Like a Champ

For a long time I had a problem pooping.

Pooping was just not satisfying, left me no relief, or just way to irritating to make me feel a benefit to the whole experience.

Now, there are some frank realities discussed here, chief among them that most human satisfaction comes through the satisfaction of our primal urges through our body’s orifices.

Whether that’s having sex, eating food, or voiding your bowl and bladder, it just feels right and good when our orifices are doing the thing they do, and doing it well. Continue reading

Dying in This Land

It takes a pessimist to look at life and realize that death’s phases start the moment of conception, but so be it, I’m a pessimist.

But I’m a pessimist who:

  • Can climb 175 floors on a stair machine at level 10 followed by a 20 minute Yoga routine and 25 minutes of weight lifting, and then walk back home after walking to the gym.
  • Goes to Church every Sunday and earnestly listens to the message and pursues a greater understanding of his own spirituality and what it means to be human among other humans.
  • Practices compassion and understanding, though not always in the best ways possible.
  • Knows that living in-the-moment is the only true way to live, because you can do nothing about the past nor the future, you own neither.
  • Wants you to know that the world is populated with charlatans spouting crap about your powers and abilities. You have them, but I can’t make them appear and neither can anyone else. Only you.

Continue reading

My Fitness Addiction

Hi, I’m Dan and I’m a fitness addict.

I go to the gym a lot and I have to admit I ask myself fairly often “why am I doing this again?”

This is all new to me. I wasn’t raised in the fitness tradition, and I wasn’t raised in the healthy eating kind of thought train either.

In fact, you could say my family has been pretty unfit.

So I got to admit to you, sometimes when I’m packing up to head out to the gym somewhere, I dread the thought.

It’s an anxious feeling, kind of like I don’t feel, or believe that this is really me.

It is though,  and the reality that actually sets in is that I look forward to the experience. Even the negativity that tags along sometimes. Continue reading

Fitness and Sex: Sparking the Hot and Nasty

Good sex happens. Good sex with a feel good body happens better.

It isn’t that sex is ever bad, but research tells us that there is a strong link between good sex and good physical fitness.

Anybody who has exercised for a sustained time knows that there’s a point where exercise causes the body to releas endorphins. This causes the body-brain chemistry to respond with the “runners high”. As it turns out, sustained exercise also leads to the release of sex hormones.

Add the benefit that exercise raises mood in general and creates a feeling of calmness.

Even more interesting are studies that show exercise primes a woman’s body for sexual activity. Granted, the best results were from vigorous exercise, but studies concluded that exercise causes increases in genital blood flow.

For men studies concluded that regular exercise results in men having more, and better sex. All men participating in these studies reported an increase in sexual appetite and satisfaction. Continue reading

Role Model Eating and Childhood Obesity

Ah parenting. There’s nothing like the challenge, and there’s nothing like the reward of being a parent. There’s no instruction manual, no return policy, and no way to make easy decisions. And until you see them acting like adults, maybe with their own kids, you’ll never really know if you’ve done it right. If even then.

Who doesn’t remember their parents quizzical faces when the human being arguing in front of you calls you mom or dad from time to time. How smart did your parents get after you had your own kids?

If you’re like me, they seem like geniuses now. Continue reading

What Your Gut Does With Food

Humans are well adapted to take in a wide variety of foods for nutrition. The list of good to eat stuff for us includes meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains, sugar, fat, oil, and complex starches. Here’s a quick look at food’s wild and interesting ride through your gastrointestinal-tract (GIT) once you decide to chow down.

Of all the food we take in, most all of it, 90 to 97% is digested and used by the body. What remains unabsorbed which is usually plant material, gets passed out as waste. What happens along the way is miraculous in its complexity and efficiency.

Who doesn’t know the mouth-watering sensation when a favorite dish, even only the smell, sets the focus of the mind on one thing: Food! That’s the beginning of the GIT’s responses to the cleverly intertwined system of nerve-endings and physiological responses to chemical activity to get nutrition from food, it’s called the gut-brain axis. Continue reading